Friday, 1 February 2013

Passenger at Concorde2 - 30/01/13

The phenomenally talented Mike Rosenburg, aka Passenger, played to a sold out show here at Concorde2 on Wednesday 30th January. First on stage was local lady Isobel Anderson who played a half hour slot, then the wonderful Stu Larsen took to the stage.

In the early 2000s, Mike was the front man for 5 piece band 'Passenger' who produced a critically acclaimed debut album under a major record label. In 2007 the band decided to go their separate ways and Mike decided to stick with his music, voice, and guitar to see where it would take him. Arguably, this is probably the best decision he's ever made. He then took to the streets and began busking, which has funded his last four records. Not only does busking help pay the bills, but it's also become a way of life for Mike, as he takes real pride and joy in getting to play real music on real streets to real people.

Although Brighton born and bred, Mike's created a huge fan base over in Australia since his first trip there in 2009. By the time Mike returned to the UK, he was by this point selling out 500 capacity venues over in Australia. Meanwhile, over in the UK, his fan base is continuing to slowly blossom. Supporting Ed Sheeran last year gave Mike and his music new ears to play to, and consequently fall in love with his beautiful, humourus, heartbreaking lyrics.

Rosenburg's latest creation, All The Little Lights, is about to be released on February 18th 2013. If songs such as "Let Her Go" and "Holes" are anything to go by, then this album is definitely one of the ones to watch for 2013.

Concorde2 was the penultimate date of Mike's UK tour this year, and all 14 dates were sold out in advance. He's then going on to tour the rest of Europe, of which most dates are already completely sold out in advance. One thing's for sure, Mike loves being on the road, and the experiences and people he meets along the way help inspire his incredible song writing. Although he's been professionally making music for well over a decade now, it looks like it's only the beginning for the insanely talented Rosenburg. Be sure to keep an eye on him over the coming months, and if you get a chance to see him live, be sure to grab a ticket before they're all gone.

Whilst Mike was in Brighton he filmed this little video on our famous beach, along with friends Isobel Anderson & Stu Larsen.

You can pre-order the amazing album "All The Little Lights" either from Amazon or iTunes now.

All photos by Mike Burnell.

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